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Kinite McCrae Brandi Johnson

Kinite McCrae

Author of "I Am A Christian, This is Why: A Logical Response to the Skeptic"

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Brandi Johnson

Author of "The P.O.W.E.R That Sets Burn Victims Free"

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The P.O.W.E.R That Sets Burn Victims Free 

Brandi was just 18-months old when scalding hot water became the mechanism that caused her third degree burns and left lifelong scars on her physically, mentally and emotionally. However, this seemingly horrific event also helped shape her life in many POWERFUL ways.  


I Am A Christian, This Is Why: A Logical Response to the Skeptic

Have you ever wondered if there is any proof for God outside the Bible? Me too!

Have you ever questioned the authenticity of the Bible? Me too!

Does a concept like the Trinity confuse you?

Get simple and logical answers to questions like these and MORE!


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